Dan Girardi’s pretty funny. He always talks to himself and it’s pretty funny. He does it on the ice, too. I’m used to it now, but the first couple of times it happened, I was like, “Who is he talking to?”

Henrik Lundqvist on a question about who’s his funniest teammate.

I wonder if G-Money goes to himself “Fucking A, what a shot block!” TROLOL

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ryan miller sure seems to think so

The Race to Sixteen Wins
Sunday, April 20th, 2014

im going back to Michigan for a church trip in june and im so excited


yuck hawks. me too, I prefer to be alone but I hit a limit where I want people for like an hour. then im done again.

hahaha yep


oh whoa weirdos dood. lolol I love near stl so everyone's a fan of some hockey team, blues mostly. yeah I cant remember the last time I hung out with people whoops.

lol yeah if there are hockey fans here they like the hawks. and idk I like to things on my own but I wouldn’t mind hanging out with people every now and then


That’s… one way to defend the puck…


same. all my friends are going to prom and when people dont go to prom at my school they sometimes have bonfires instead and I didt get invited to either one so im just :((( but same I want a cute best friend relationship with a guy yet we still kiss and be ya know a couple and yeah I have awhile but I've given up sorta so, but you shouldn't! the right guy will come along, maybe not now but soon! I mean any girl who loves hockey is a keeper right? aha:)))

man ik how you feel. everyone is having bonfires and im just sitting at home. and yeah I think the right guy will come along eventually. but lol not many guys like hockey where I live